A native Californian transplanted to the Detroit area, photography is one of my hobbies, and this is some of my work.

I love the creative process.  Lighting, angle, camera settings, environment...  Using a technical process to create an artistic image is pretty cool.

But it takes more than that.  It takes a great subject.  Landscapes, hotrods, or flowers are what you see, so I can only do so much with them...  But PEOPLE...  Now there is something.

If I can make people feel comfortable and good about themselves, they will reward me with the opportunity to shoot them at their best.

Most of the people in my photos never modeled prior to working with me.  Some went on to model for others.  It was our interaction that produced the greatest impact on the final image.  It took us to make the image...  Not just me.

I don't shoot for money.  That is, money is not why I shoot.  Much of what I shoot I do at my expense and/or no charge to the person(s) I'm doing it for.  But I've been known to accept a paid assignment here and there, so don't be afraid to ask.

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Dennis Butler

Grosse Ile, MI



My camera is a Nikon D700.  My main lens is a Nikkor 24-70mm f2.8.  I like to use neutral density filters when I can.

I use Yongnuo and Vivitar flashguns, Alien Bee studio strobes, and Cactus triggers.

I shoot mostly handheld, even at night and in low light.  I only use a tripod when there's no other way to get the shot.

I like to work on location using portable lighting, and love challenging environments and lighting conditions

I shoot in Manual Mode, except for weddings where speed and accuracy are the priority.

I am fascinated by the Chiaroscuro style of painting, and have tried to incorporate it in to my work.

I will be focusing more on studio work more than ever before now that my home studio space is finally finished.

Beginning photographers are invited to contact me to shoot and learn.  I enjoy teaching where I have knowledge, and learning where I don't.

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